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 Logan Monument Company
Danison Monumental Works



Logan Monument Company, est. 1890 and Danison Monumental Works, est. 1881

For over 120 years, we've been carving friends and families stories in stone, so their friends and families in the future will have a place to go to reflect and remember.  We know that no two of us are alike, so we offer the ability to create a memorial just for you.  From something simple, to something simply magnificent, your story is important to us.  Recognized nationally for design and quality, our local skilled memorialists and craftsmen will work hard to exceed your every expectation.

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American Institute 


Commemorative Art

confers its recognition for

excellence in memorial design


William Boone, CM, AICA


Second Place

in the category of

Large Monuments

2020 AICA Faehnle Design Contest



We like to think of ourselves as professional story tellers through the custom artistry and attention to detail we put into every monument we create.  Our goal is provide a superior monument that will honor your loved one for generations to come.  

Tribble Family Memorial
Hughes Family Memorial
Cottrill Family Memorial
Stories in Stone Carving
Stewart Family Memorial
Yencho Family Memorial
Pidcock Family Memorial
Byas Family Memorial
Stories in Stone Chiseled Rays
Hajost Family Memorial
Dickerson Family Memorial
Taylor Family Memorial
Stories in Stone
Stories in Stone Tools
Vickers Family Memorial
Moss Family Memorial
Gerber Family Memorial
Weaver Famlily Memorial
Stories in Stone
Evans Family Memorial
Duckworth Family Memorial
White Family Memorial
Shupe Family Memorial

"I will recommend others to you if needed.  Both times we’ve needed your services you have done a fantastic job!  I love the family comfort atmosphere I received each time I walked in the door."


–Mr. Stickdorn

"Thank you for the headstone purchasing experience.  Placed stone looks nice!  Grateful for Brent!!"

-Mr. Stickel


Cremation memorials to remember loved ones at home

People need a permanent place to go to laugh, to cry, to console, to ask questions and to remember. A cremation memorial doesn't have to be in a cemetary. If the cremains were scattered or buried in a distant location, sometimes a tribute closer to home is in order.  It can be a plaque on a building, in a park or golf course, or a sculpture in your own home garden.  We specialize in one of a kind tributes with unsurpassed attention to detail.

Garden Art McCabe Family
Garden Art Severing Family
Garden Art Castle Family
Garden Art Maughmer Family
LMC Garden Art
Bench Mauger Family
Garden Art
Garden Art Utley Family
Garden Art
Garden Art

"It was better than I thought it would be.  I will tell everyone to go to you all for a monument."


–Patricia Spangler

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