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Why Memorialize?

People visit cemeteries every single day of the year. They visit in every kind of weather.  Why? Because they want to remember. Even the word monument is derived from the Latin word "monere" which means "to remind." A personalized memorial is a way to help family, friends and others know a little more about this person other than just their name and date.

Monuments for a Single Grave Space

These are memorials that are to be placed on a single grave space in a cemetery. They are limited only by the cemetery size restrictions. The monument is generally for one person, unless there is a cremation and the cemetery would allow more than one burial in one grave space.

Monuments for Two Grave Spaces

These are memorials that are to be placed over two grave spaces in a cemetery. They are limited only by the cemetery size restrictions. These can be for one, two or more if there is a cremation and the cemetery rules allow multiple burials in two grave spaces.

Monuments for Three or More Grave Spaces

These can be larger memorials because the space is larger. Traditionally a large family memorial is placed and footstones may be placed on each grave. Today, anything goes as long as the cemetery rules are followed.

We are here to help you

"Selecting a marker or memorial is a very personal decision. We respect your right to ask questions, to be treated with dignity and sensitivity, and to take the time you need to make the right selection."

Cremation Memorials


Cremation memorials for cremains that will be interred in the ground, above the ground, scattered, or kept with a loved one

Creating a permanent memorial is still very important. A memorial provides a permanent place for family, friends, acquaintances and future generations to go to grieve and remember. There are several options of cremation memorials.

Will the cremains be kept In-Ground?

Memorials where the cremains are interred in the ground,kept at home or scattered at a special place: In this case any memorial you choose will be acceptable. A memorial for a cremation doesn't even need to be in a cemetery.

Will the cremains be interred in a monument above ground?

Memorials where the cremains are to be kept above the ground: In this category you have two options:

  1. Would you like it to be obvious that you have chosen to be cremated? If so then a columbarium is what is needed. These are box like memorials with obvious doors where the cremains are placed behind.

  2. Would you like your choice of cremation not to be known? In this case we can drill a hole in any 8" piece of granite and inter the cremains inside the hole. The monument can be in any shape or size as long as it is large enough to create a space for the cremains.